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Bus services in La Plagne

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The resort of La Plagne is made up of a number of different villages, each at different altitudes and each with their own character and ambience. They are all linked via a network of free shuttle buses and cable cars.

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Airport bus services to Aime and La Plagne

Below is information on getting to Aime from the airport if you haven't booked a transfer in advance. Please note, we advise that you book a transfer from the airport directly to resort before your holiday via this page: La Plagne transfers. Here is our transfer guide for further information: La Plagne transfer guide.

The closest bus station to La Plagne is at Aime, the town at the bottom of the mountain, which is also where you'll arrive if you're coming by train. Bus services stop at Aime and then head up the mountain to Plagne Centre.

Airport bus services to Aime - winter only
Routes Timetables
Lyon Airport - Aime Ben's BusAltibus
Geneva Airport - Aime Ben's BusAltibus
Grenoble Airport - Aime Ben's Bus
  • Buses from Chambery airport to La Plagne operate twice a day on Saturdays and once on Sundays during the winter season. It takes around three hours to get to La Plagne from Chambery, via Aime.
  • Buses from Lyon airport to Aime run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the winter season and take around three hours. They operate once a day on Fridays, four times on Saturdays and once on Sundays. You will then need to take a connecting bus or taxi from Aime to the La Plagne villages (Line T8 - see above).
  • Buses from Geneva airport to La Plagne operate every day of the week in winter with eight buses on Saturdays, four on Sundays and three on all the other days of the week. This route takes around 3h30 to get to La Plagne, via a connecting bus from Aime.
  • Buses from Grenoble to Aime operate several times per day on Saturdays and once on Sunday morning in winter. It takes around 2h20 to get to Aime.

For more information on the best transport options from the airport see our getting here guide.

NB: These timetables may vary throughout the year and during holidays, contact the transport companies in advance to avoid disappointment.

For national and international travel take a look at our coaches page.

About Transfers to Val Thorens

La Plagne local buses

The six main village resorts are Plagne 1800, Belle Plagne, Plagne Bellecôte, Plagne Centre, Plagne Aime 2000 and Plagne Villages/Plagne Soleil. These are all interlinked by a free cable car or bus service. 

La Plagne local shuttle buses
Route Winter timetables Summer timetables
Plagne Centre - 1800 - Bellecôte Winter timetable - TBC Summer timetable
Aime 2000 - Plagne Centre - Bobsleigh - Charmettes Winter timetable - TBC


Plagne Centre - Plagne Soleil - Plagne Villages
*access Plagne Centre via Télébus
Winter (low season) - TBC
Winter (high season) - TBC
Summer timetable
Montchavin - Les Coches Winter timetable Summer timetable

The two main free shuttle bus routes are the Red and Blue lines. The Red Line connects Plagne 1800 to Plagne Bellecôte and Plagne Centre every 15 minutes from 08:30 to 00:50. The Blue Line runs between Les Charmettes, La Roche, the bobsleigh run, Plagne 1800, Plagne Centre and Plagne Aime 2000. It's aimed more at cross-country skiers and walkers and runs every hour from 06:00 to 00:30. There are also free shuttles operating between Plagne Centre, Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages every 15 to 20 minutes from around 08:30 to 23:45. The frequency of this service increases during the school holidays.

While there is no direct bus service between Belle Plagne and the other La Plagne villages, you can take the Télécabine lift to Plagne Bellecôte, from where you can connect onto the Red Line shuttle to the other villages. The Télécabine lift runs daily until 23:45. From Plagne Centre, the Télémétro lift links directly to Aime 2000 and runs every five minutes from around 08:00 to 23:45.

NB: These timetables may vary throughout the year and during holidays, contact the transport companies in advance to avoid disappointment.

About Trains to La Plagne

La Plagne Aime train station and regional buses

The mainline station for La Plagne is Aime on the valley floor, not to be confused with Aime 2000 up on the mountain. Shuttle buses connect Aime to the various resort villages of La Plagne from mid-December to the end of April. They start at 07:00 and run until around 20:45, taking you to Plagne 1800, Bellecôte, Plagne Centre, Plagne Villages, Soleil and Aime 2000.

To access the neighbouring resorts of Montchavin and Les Côches, you need to catch a bus from Landry station, which operates six times on Saturdays and twice on Sundays in winter. To get to Champagny en Vanoise you can connect from Moutiers.

La Plagne regional buses
Route Winter timetables Summer timetables
Line S71:
Aime (Gare Routiere) - Plagne 1800 - Bellecôte - Belle Plagne - Plagne Centre - Plagne Villages - Plagne Soleil - Aime 2000
Winter timetable Summer timetable
Line S70:
Aime (Gare Routiere) - Longefoy - Plagne Montalbert - Dou le Ramaz
Winter timetable Summer timetable
Line S72:
Landry (Gare SNCF) - Montorlin - Montchavin - Les Côches
Winter timetable Summer timetable
Line S66:
Moutiers - Champagny en Vanoise - Pralognan la Vanoise
Winter timetable Summer timetable

NB: These timetables may vary throughout the year and during holidays, contact the transport companies in advance to avoid disappointment.