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Where to stay in La Plagne

Discover the top La Plagne places to stay


You've made up your mind – you want to come to La Plagne on your next holiday. As you research your trip, you'll discover that there’s more than one town in the area and that they all offer a great selection of chalets, apartments and hotels. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when booking a holiday, so you want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right location. Worry not, we’re here to help.

With a global reputation for world-class skiing, La Plagne is one of the most popular ski resorts in the world. Its location, right at the heart of the Paradiski ski area, is largely responsible for its success. There are several towns and villages that come under the umbrella of the brand ‘La Plagne’, linked by an efficient and free bus service, as well as an extensive network of lifts. La Plagne's six high-altitude villages and four lower-lying villages, each have their own character.

Five things to consider before deciding where to stay in La Plagne

When it comes to booking accommodation in La Plagne, there is certainly no shortage of choice. Whether you are looking for luxury hotels, chalets for large groups or apartments that are as close to the lifts as possible, you’ll find it all here. This guide to the different sections that make up this superb area should help point you in the right direction so that you are situated as close to whatever action you're looking for. But, first things first.

Where should you stay in La Plagne?
It depends on the type of holiday you'd like to have. It’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re looking for: chalet or apartment, party or tranquillity, sporty or relaxed – a holiday in La Plagne can offer all of these things. With an impressive assortment of accommodation hot spots, from the lively town of Plagne Centre to the traditional village of Champagny, La Plagne is full of surprises.

These are some of the things you may want to consider in advance before you pick the place you want to stay in:

  1. Distance to the pistes: Being able to ski to your door is everyone’s dream – there’s no better feeling than putting your skis on right outside your front door. La Plagne and its surrounding area offer a good selection of ski-in and ski-out apartments, chalets and hotels. However, bear in mind that these very sought-after spots are usually more expensive than the places further away from the pistes so, if you want to save some money, you can always rely on the excellent network of free shuttle buses that run around the area and will take you to the foot of the slopes in no time.
  2. Quiet or bustling: Is après-ski as important (or more important) than the skiing itself? In that case, you’d want to stay as close to the bars and clubs in resort as possible. However, if you’d rather stay in after a day on the slopes and prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the centre, one of the charming villages surrounding La Plagne is probably a better choice – and, if you find yourself itching to party, you can always hop on a bus to the centre of La Plagne.
  3. Amenities: Ask yourself what you’ll need around you when holidaying in La Plagne. For example, if you’re self-catering, you probably want to be as close to the supermarkets and restaurants as possible, while those staying in catered chalets and hotels may not need to. Having shops, ski and/or bike hire places and cafés around you can be very handy but also quite noisy… you decide exactly what you need!
  4. Things to do: As with amenities, not everyone will need the same services nearby. For example, families will want to be near the ski schools meeting points to avoid trudging across resort in ski boots carrying yours and your children's skis. Having the local swimming pool and sports centre close by is also a great idea for those coming with little ones, it’ll keep them entertained after a day on the slopes. Or perhaps you need a spa for a good back rub or to soak your sore muscles in a hot tub after a few hours snowboarding.
  5. Budget: Last but not least, location is key when it comes to saving money. Generally, the closer you get to the slopes and to the resort centre, the steeper the prices will be, while the villages further away from the lifts will usually offer cheaper deals. You may have to sacrifice convenience for budget but worry not, you’ll never be further than 35 minutes from the world-renowned La Plagne pistes thanks to the aforementioned shuttle buses.

Our local team’s top tip: When booking accommodation, take a good look at the photos. You’re going to be spending some time in this space so you may as well feel comfortable in it. It’s not just about whether you prefer a cosy rustic interior or a light and airy open plan space, but also whether the layout and décor fit your needs. Are the rooms big enough? How about the bathrooms? Is there a super-modern, steep staircase your toddler won’t be able to climb? What floor is the apartment on? Is it accessible by a lift? All of this matters when choosing your accommodation and not every town in La Plagne will be able to provide all sorts of styles.

About Getting to La Plagne

La Plagne Centre: Bustling village with excellent access to the pistes

Based at 2,050m, La Plagne Centre was the first resort erected in the area and is dominated by the purpose-built architecture that is the hallmark of French ski resorts developed in the 1960s. In recent years modern chalets and apartment buildings that are rather more boutique than grey blocks have been constructed in Plagne Centre.

Who should stay in Plagne Centre?
Thanks to its high altitude, choosing accommodation Plagne Centre means you can be sure of snow. Many chalets, hotels and apartments here are ski-in/ski-out and the pistes here are great for all levels of skier. It may not be the prettiest place in the world but the centre of La Plagne does have some great facilities, including the best ski schools, a large number of shops, restaurants and bars, and a reasonably lively après ski scene.

A snowy village with mountains in the background

La Plagne 1800: Attractive resort set in the trees

Only 200 metres below La Plagne centre lies the attractive village of Plagne 1800, a smallish resort set in the trees offering mostly catered chalet accommodation.

Who should stay in Plagne 1800?
A big hit with British holidaymakers, La Plagne 1800 actually has a reasonably good nightlife, even if it is limited to just a few venues. Another plus of Plagne 1800 is that it offers a very good lift connection to Plagne Centre and the Paradiski ski area, which also means that the ski schools and shopping are within easy reach.

About La Plagne ski pass prices

Belle Plagne: Pretty, family-friendly village with great access to the slopes

The charming village of Belle Plagne is located at 2,050m, just above Plagne Bellecote. One of the most attractive of the La Plagne resorts, most accommodation here is chalet style

Who should stay in Belle Plagne?
Belle Plagne is very popular with families as, while there is a mini village centre here, it's pretty quiet in general. It also offers a good-value option for those looking for easy access to the fantastic La Plagne ski area and the link to Les Arcs via the Vanoise cable car.

Aime La Plagne / Aime 2000

Aime La Plagne (Aime 2000): Quiet resort with ski-to-door accommodation

At 2,100m, Aime La Plagne (also known as Aime 2000, not to be confused with Aime village, which sits at the bottom of the valley) is one of the highest purpose-built resorts in the Alps – the benefits of which are that it truly offers ski-in/ski-out accommodation.

Who should stay in Aime La Plagne?
Aime La Plagne's location is great for those wanting to make the most of the Paradiski ski area. There is a small but lively nightlife scene here too. Accommodation is made up mostly of apartments and hotels in a large, unique looking complex at the top of the mountain.

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Villages

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Villages: Small, quiet villages with piste-side accommodation

Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages are satellite suburbs of La Plagne Centre, situated at 2,050m. They're very well-connected to the resort centre and the ski area thanks to the extensive lift network.

Who should stay in Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages?
Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages offer good-value ski accommodation right on the slopes and a quieter nightlife scene than you'll find in Plagne Centre. These villages are best suited to skiers looking for small chalets or self-catering apartments.


Plagne Bellecôte: Bustling town with unbeatable piste access

Located at the convergence of several pistes, Plagne Bellecôte rivals Plagne Centre as the hub of the whole resort scene. With plenty of things on offer and incredibly easy piste access, this is one of the favourite resorts of the seasonnaires.

Who should stay in Plagne Bellecôte?
Anyone who wants to be the first one on the slopes in the morning and the last one down in the evening. Piste access doesn't get any better anywhere than here, thanks to its four chairlifts, a gondola and a drag lift all within metres of each other. Plagne Bellecôte also has a great selection of restaurants, shops and bars. Accommodation here is in the form of self-catered apartments.


Montalbert: Picturesque town with family-friendly accommodation

Situated at the far west of the ski area, Montalbert lies lower down the valley and is more of a traditional village than many of the other La Plagne areas.

Who should stay in Plagne Montalbert?
Montalbert is a great place to find family-friendly ski accommodation, but at 1,350m this pretty village doesn't hold the snow as long into the winter season as other areas in the valley.

Montchavin - Les Coches

Montchavin & Les Coches: Family-friendly village with easy access to the Paradiski area

The villages of Montchavin and Les Coches are situated on the edge of the La Plagne ski area, right where the Vanoise Express lift linking La Plagne and Les Arcs stands. A privileged location for those willing to explore the whole Paradiski ski area.

Who should stay in Les Coches?
Those looking for more affordable accommodation in a picturesque setting with easy access to the whole Paradiski area. Located deep in the trees at 1,450m, the town of Les Coches is certainly one of the most attractive villages in the La Plagne area. Linked to the main ski area by lift but not by road, it has a traditional Alpine village feel, even though it is actually purpose-built. the town offers a fair amount of good-value ski-in/ski-out accommodation. The nightlife is, however, relatively quiet.

Who should stay in Montchavin?
Montchavin is a great choice for families looking for accommodation in the Paradiski area. A small, modern, Savoyard-style village with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, the centre of Montchavin is practically car-free and has a reasonable amount of facilities including shops, bars and restaurants. The main La Plagne ski area is easily accessed from Montchavin and the village's northerly aspect means that the snow lasts longer here.

Taking your car with you to

Champagny en Vanoise: Quiet Alpine village with cheaper accommodation options

Unlike the other resorts in the area, Champagny en Vanoise is a traditional Alpine village with real heritage.

Who should stay in Champagny en Vanoise?
Those looking for a bargain in a traditional Alpine village. Accommodation in Champagny en Vanoise is generally cheaper and there are several mid-range budget hotels and chalets here that are ideal for those looking for a more authentic ski holiday. The main ski area is accessed via just two lifts and, while nightlife is minimal, there is a small handful of restaurants and shops in town.

Luxury hot spots in La Plagne

La Plagne is more about functionality and great skiing than luxury and glamour. Having said that, there are some high-end chalets and apartments to choose from dotted around resort.

Where are luxury chalets and apartments located in La Plagne?
You can find some luxury chalets in the charming resort of Plagne 1800, a quiet spot with great facilities. The low-lying villages of Montchavin, Champagny, Les Coches and Montalbert offer picturesque catered chalets some of which boast small luxuries like hot tubs, saunas and large terraces with breathtaking mountain views. As for apartments, there are fancy options dotted all around the La Plagne villages.

Are there any five-star hotels in La Plagne?
La Plagne has no five-star hotels but there are a couple of fantastic four-star hotels with high-end facilities such as spas, Jacuzzis and gourmet restaurants. There are also a handful of sumptuous chalet-style hotels catering for the wealthiest visitors.

A bunk bed in a room with a window

Family-friendly areas in La Plagne

When travelling with young children, you ideally want to stay somewhere that has lots of facilities and services nearby so that you don't have to travel long distances to get to the slopes or the restaurants.

What’s the best area for families with children to stay in La Plagne?
The quieter villages of Plagne 1800, Belle Plagne, Montchavin, Les Coches and Champagny tend to be especially popular with families. Providing easy access to the Paradiski ski area, they offer a slower pace of life that appeals to those travelling with younger children.

A living room with a clock on the wall that shows the time as 4:20

Group accommodation in La Plagne

Groups have very specific needs, namely a big enough space and easy access to the slopes and the resort's amenities.

Where in La Plagne can you find large apartments and chalets for groups?
Plagne 1800 is, once more, the best option for large chalets. There are several bars and restaurants in town, as well as buses running to and from Plagne Centre until late to keep everyone entertained. As for apartments, those in Plagne Centre and Plagne Bellecôte tend to be on the small side so it's usually better to look in any of the other satellite villages.

A living room with a bunk bed and a couch

Cheap accommodation in La Plagne

La Plagne has a huge number of catered chalets and self-catered apartments on offer, many of which are on the affordable end of the spectrum. In general, the further away from the centre you get, the cheaper the prices are.

What’s the cheapest area to stay in La Plagne?
Anywhere, really. Well known for its affordability, finding a bargain in La Plagne is easier than in many other Alpine resorts. Plagne Centre, Plagne Bellecôte, Plagne Villages and Plagne Soleil offer budget-friendly apartments high on the mountain while, lower down, Champagny en Vanoise, Montchavin, Les Coches and Montarbert offer great value for money.

Ski-in & ski-out hot spots in La Plagne

Ski-to-door accommodation is very popular in La Plagne, which means that prices are usually more expensive than the accommodation a bit further away from the slopes. However, there's no greater feeling than arriving at your doorstep with your skis on, so get on booking as soon as you can if you want to experience it yourself.

Where can you find ski-to-door accommodation in La Plagne?
Most of the purpose-built villages in La Plagne offer ski-to-door accommodation of some sort. The chalets in Plagne 1800 and the slopeside apartments in Aime 2000 are the most sought-after because of their snow-sure pistes. Plagne Bellecôte boasts excellent piste access at more affordable prices.

About staying in La Plagne

Camping & glamping in La Plagne

There are a few a campsite and a couple of motorhome areas in La Plagne and its surrounding area. Although most are open only in the summer, there's a few open in the winter and even during the off-season – it's better to enquire before you book.

Are there any campsites in La Plagne?
No, there are no campsites in La Plagne itself. The closest ones are located in Montchavin, offering pitches and mobile home rentals both in summer and winter, and in Champagny en Vanoise, open in summer only. You'll find a broader selection of campsites in and around the valley town of Aime, on the way up to La Plagne.

Are there any motorhome areas in La Plagne?
France is famous for its well-equipped motorhome areas or 'aires de camping-car' and La Plagne is no exception. A large car park in Plagne Villages, with four terraces and 40 large spots, is dedicated to motorhomes and camping cars. It has individual power outlets, a service area with waste disposal and drinking water, and payable WiFi access. Offering direct access to the ski slopes, there's also a bus stop nearby to get to the other resorts in La Plagne. You can book your spot online in advance (select Parking Caravaneige).

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