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Car hire in La Plagne

Find your perfect La Plagne car hire. Book directly or with help from our local experts


La Plagne car hire can be arranged from all the local airports and if there are a few of you travelling together, it is not necessarily an expensive option. It is however, worth checking in advance to see what parking facilities are available at your accommodation as it can be tricky to find a space in town at certain times of the season.

Pre-booking of car hire is highly recommended, and you should also detail any extra requests such as ski racks and baby seats etc, at the time of booking. Try our Car Hire widget above for some of the best deals and rental prices at the moment, or for more information on getting to resort by road, take a look at our page on Driving to La Plagne..

When hiring a car from Geneva airport, you should be aware that you can do so from both the French AND Swiss sides however..

Renting a car from the French side tends to be cheaper, but it adds an extra 45 minutes on to your journey as the position of the exit means you need to use 'A' roads before you can join the motorway. In addition, sometimes the reason for the apparent cost saving is that not all French rental cars are equipped with snow-types or chains, whereas the Swiss ones do. It's definitely worth checking the small print with regards what is provided.

If you have made a reservation in advance, make sure you know where you should be collecting your vehicle from. This is especially important when it comes to dropping it off at the end of your stay as the French sector is not as straightforward to find and you should allow a little more time for your journey. You can find directions to the French sector here.

Please note if you are flying into Geneva, when putting your details into the search tool, you may want to pick the country you are travelling to as Switzerland - to give you options of hiring a car from the Swiss side of the airport. The advantage of hiring from the Swiss side is that you save 30-40 minutes drive - the French side of the airport is a long drive round the motorway.... Whilst the Swiss cars are more expensive, they also come with snow tyres, whilst the French ones do not in our experience.