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Last of the blue skies, snow clouds are forming

The snow’s a’coming!

featured in Snow report Author Anita Gait, La Plagne Reporter Updated

I seriously hope you got up and out today and made the most of Tuesday because it is quite possibly the last we will see of a blue sky in quite some time; there is snow a’coming and a’coming fast!

The forecast looks absolutely epic; it is due to start snowing Wednesday morning with a modest 2cm or so and then it will proceed to puke down for 3 days straight, we’re looking at a possible snow fall of 50cm at 2,000m on Wednesday and a further 70cm over Thursday and Friday. It will be even heavier up higher and shows no signs of stopping until at least Sunday.

Temperatures have dropped already and hopefully will stay low because at the moment some of that snow is predicted to fall as rain in the lower areas and we could really do without that, let’s hope it takes another cold dive and we get every cm of this dump as dry floaty powdery snow. We are just being greedy really, we’re not in need of this snow, I was out riding fresh powder lines on Friday and our snow base is huge, but the snow gods are smiling upon us and I am certainly not one to look a snow cloud in the mouth!

You will need to take some care though, with this massive dump will come all those white out conditions I was talking about last week, if you got out on Monday I’m sure you know what I’m talking about; when the whole of La Plagne was in a thick cloud of fog and you could barely see 5 feet in front of you? Well prepare yourself for more of that, it’s going to be a white and snowy week in La Plagne.

The avalanche risk will also rise with such a large snow fall and you should check the risk each day before you head out, it should also be posted at most of the lifts around the mountain. The last time we had this much snow the resort was slow to get up and running in the morning with some lifts not opening until 10am or later whilst they waited for the avalanche blasters to secure the area. I suspect this will happen again on Thursday and Friday morning, the massive snowfall will probably keep the glacier closed for a few days as well as a few other at risk areas, such as the Cretes drag at the top of the Becoin.

To avoid confusion and disappointment check with your holiday reps or hotel reception each day before you head out they will have an up to date list of which areas are open or ‘pending’ or you can check for yourself on the Live Lift Status page. Once again though the best way to stay up to date on the mountain is with Paradiski’s new Yuge app which messages you in real time as and when lifts open or close ensuring you can be the first ones down newly opened runs.

Resort has finally quietened down after the half term madness. Saturday, which is always a quieter day on the mountain, was truly beautiful this week with not a lift queue in sight and a distinct lack of leather jacket wearing bladers causing chaos wherever they go. We’re not at truly quiet Spring skiing levels yet, but the conditions this week will serve to keep the fair weather skiers away and those of you who venture out should be in for an almost private mountain, so make the most of it and remember when it’s snowing so hard that the pistes are a foot deep in powder there really is no need to venture off piste, especially not in a white out. Save that until the sun comes out and you can see where you are and more importantly where you’re going to end up.

All safety lectures aside, get excited about the snow coming our way, enjoy riding fresh powder pistes and regardless of how heavy it’s falling, don’t be a far weather skier get out there and get amongst it!


Map of the surrounding area